Welcome to INCENTO!

Each year large amounts of funding are granted to beneficiaries in many countries as part of various grant and fund programmes. The Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) 2014 - 2020 foresees overall commitments of EU grants under the budget of the European Commission (EC) amounting to around €900 billion. World Bank, United Nations (UNDP) and other donors also provide significant grants all over the world.

Why not make use of these great opportunities?

INCENTO knows how to obtain and manage grants, and we are ready to support you in finding solutions to the following questions:

You have a good project idea but do not know where to get funding?

You do not manage to develop a grant application in time?

You are lost in the jungles of programme guidelines, manuals and regulations?

You need urgent advice from somebody with experience?

You have begun your project but do not cope with its implementation?

You are facing unexpected problems with financial management?


We also provide support to the donors and programme management authorities:

You want to improve your funding scheme, make it more efficient, sustainable and transparent?

You need assistance in evaluation of projects and programmes?

We have a passion for the development and implementation of meaningful and sustainable projects funded by the European Union and other national and international donors.